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HRC39: Denmark directs Human Rights Council’s attention to human rights situation in Syria, Bahrain, Iran, OPT/Israel, Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, South Sudan, Eastern Ukraine and Crimea, and Myanmar.

18.09.2018  13:44
39th Session
Item 4: General Debate
Statement by Denmark

Mr. President,
Denmark aligns itself with the EU statement.
The Syrian regime’s sustained bombardment of civilians is deplorable, as is the regime’s continued violations of human rights. While recalling the use of chemical weapons by the regime, we call on the regime and its backers to avoid a humanitarian disaster in Idlib.
We reiterate our call for the release of all arbitrarily detained persons in Bahrain, including the Danish-Bahraini citizen Mr. Abdulhadi Al-Khawaja.
We remain concerned by the human rights violations in Iran. We do however note the continued decrease in narcotics-related executions through the amended Anti-Narcotics Law.

Regarding the occupied Palestinian territory, we are deeply concerned about the continued advancement of settlements in the West Bank including East Jerusalem, which is illegal under international law and an obstacle to peace.
Denmark calls upon the Government of DPRK to immediately stop the continuing very grave human rights violations and fully implement the recommendations of HRC and UNGA resolutions.

The man-made humanitarian catastrophe in South Sudan must come to an end. Denmark acknowledges recent efforts to enter into a peace agreement and urge the parties to finalize and implement it.
We are deeply concerned by the human rights situation in Eastern Ukraine and Crimea, and human rights actors should be granted access.
Finally, as concerns Myanmar, the report of the Fact-Finding Mission strongly underlines the need for accountability.

Thank you.