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HRC36: Denmark in interactive dialogue with UN Fact-Finding Mission to Myanmar 

19.09.2017  10:26

36th Session of UN Human Rights Council
Interactive dialogue with Fact Finding Mission on Myanmar, 19 September 2017
Intervention by Denmark

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Thank you, Mr. President.
Denmark aligns itself with the EU statement.
Denmark welcomes the Mission’s intention to seek dialogue and ensure full transparency in carrying out its mandate to establish the facts and circumstances of the alleged human rights violations by military and security forces in Myanmar, including Rakhine State.

Denmark strongly condemns the latest attacks by a militant armed group on police outposts in northern Rakhine, which aim at undermining the quest for peace and a long-term solution. We are deeply concerned about the reports of violence against civilians and call on all parties to exercise restraint to avoid an escalation of violence.  Any use of force by Myanmar’s security forces must be proportionate and never target the civilian population. The Government of Myanmar must ensure the full protection, humanitarian needs and human rights of all civilians without discrimination, including stateless Rohingyas.

The current developments underscore the need for the Government of Myanmar to address the root causes of conflict and violence in Rakhine State, including decades of underdevelopment, statelessness and discrimination. Denmark welcomes the Government’s commitment to carry out the recommendations in the final report of the Advisory Commission on Rakhine State, and encourages the Government to take steps to implement these recommendations without delay. Denmark calls on the Government of Myanmar to allow access to the United Nations Fact Finding Mission in order to investigate alleged human rights violations.
In closing, we would welcome the Mission’s views on

1) how it can best carry out its mandate if the Government of Myanmar maintains its denial of access to the country?;
2) how the Mission can best access verifiable information on latest developments in Rakhine State? and;
3) how the Council can best support the Mission’s work?
Thank you Mr. President