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Special session of the UN HRC on Myanmar: Statement by Denmark

05.12.2017  16:00

Special Session of the UN Human Rights Council

The human rights situation of the Rohingya Muslim population and other minorities in Rakhine State of Myanmar, 5 December 2017

Statement by Denmark

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Thank you, Mr. President

Denmark aligns itself with the EU statement, the Nordic states and the Group of Friends of R2P.

Denmark is a friend of Myanmar and continues our support to the democratic transition process in Myanmar. However, we remain deeply concerned about the situation in Rakhine State and the reports of grave human rights violations and abuse by Myanmar security forces. We have therefore conveyed directly to the Government of Myanmar our concern and strong condemnation of all violence against civilians and urged full and unfettered humanitarian access to the affected area for UN and international NGOs.

Denmark encourages the Government of Myanmar to cooperate with the UN Fact Finding Mission to ensure credible investigations of alleged human rights violations and to hold all perpetrators accountable for atrocities committed.

The large number of Rohingyas fleeing to Bangladesh is deeply concerning. Denmark commends the Government of Bangladesh for providing support to the refugees under difficult circumstances.  We welcome the recent signing of the “Arrangement on return of displaced persons from Rakhine State” between Bangladesh and Myanmar and reiterate our appeal to the Government of Myanmar to commit to the immediate involvement of UNHCR in the return process in order to support the Government in ensuring that returns are voluntary and take place in safety and dignity.

Addressing the key issues of citizenship and rights of all stateless Muslims in Rakhine, including the many who live segregated in displacement camps, is key to any long term solution to the crisis. This will play a decisive role in efforts to promote voluntary return to Myanmar of any greater number of refugees. We therefore reiterate our call on the Government to use positive incentives and to promote a stronger understanding and trust in the citizenship verification process. It is also essential that the Government ensures that those who receive citizenship are treated equal, and can move freely and enjoy the same benefits, rights and freedoms as other citizens of Myanmar.


Thank you