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HRC34: Denmark delivers statement at the interactive dialogue with the Independent Expert on Mali

21.03.2017  12:29

UN Human Rights Council
34th Session
Interactive Dialogue with Independent Expert on Mali, 21 March 2017
Intervention by Denmark

Thank you, Mr. President.
Denmark fully aligns itself with the statement delivered by the EU.
Distinguished Independent Expert, Mr. Suliman Baldo, Denmark would like to thank you for your comprehensive report.
As your report clearly demonstrates, the implementation of the peace agreement in Mali has been slow and challenging and has overall not improved the human rights situation in the country.

While Denmark welcomes the commencement of the joint patrols in Gao and the installation of interim authorities in the regions of Gao and Kidal we share the report’s concern of a continued lack of progress in the fight against impunity. Those implicated in serious violations against human rights in Mali must be held accountable.
The fight against impunity is an integral part of the peace and reconciliation process that must take place in Mali – a process which should involve all groups of society, in particular the Malian youth and women in accordance with the UN Security Council Resolution 1325. Women’s and girl’s rights remain a concern in Mali, not least when it comes to obtaining justice for crimes and assaults. An encouraging and important step for the human rights situation in Mali is the legislation relating to the creation of the National Commission for Human Rights. The commission plays a crucial role in advising and strengthening the Malian government in human rights related questions and Denmark will continue to support this institution as part of our bilateral cooperation with Mali.

Finally, allow me to assure you of Denmark’s commitment to assist in improving the human rights situation in Mali . Human rights must be at the core of the development of the country to achieve sustainable peace and stability. To that end, allow me to ask Mr. Baldo:

- In your opinion, what are the main challenges to the continued implementation of the peace agreement?
- How do you view the role of the international community in regards to the peace and reconciliation process?

Thank you Mr. President.