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UPR28: Denmark recommends Sri Lanka to apply minimum standards in relation to abortion, develop clear timeline and benchmarks for the implementation of HRC/30/1 and to rafity the optional protocol to the convention against torture (OPCAT).

16.11.2017  10:13

Universal Periodic Review, 28th session
Human Rights Council

UPR of Sri Lanka, 15 November 2017
Intervention by Denmark

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Mr. President,

Denmark warmly welcomes the delegation of Sri Lanka and thanks it for its presentation today.

Denmark notes the opening of the Office for Missing Persons as a step towards dealing with the past, incorporating the full range of judicial and non-judicial measures.

Denmark recommends Sri Lanka to develop a clear timeline and benchmarks for the full implementation of Human Rights Council resolution 30/1.

Protecting the sexual and reproductive health and rights of women and girls is key to ensuring their physical and mental well-being, safety, and health. Access to appropriate, affordable, accessible health services of good quality is essential to address and eliminate discrimination against women.

Denmark recommends Sri Lanka to amend the Penal Code to decriminalise and eliminate all punitive measures related to termination of pregnancies in cases of rape, incest and severe foetal impairment.

Finally, Denmark recommends Sri Lanka to ratify the Optional Protocol to the Convention against Torture and other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment.

The Convention against Torture Initiative stands ready to explore avenues to assist the Government in advancing on this issue if deemed helpful.

I thank you.