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HRC36 Item 2: Underlining the need for prevention through sharing of experiences in safeguards to prevent torture in general debate on the oral update by the High Commissioner for Human Rights  

12.09.2017  11:56

United Nations Human Rights Council
36th Session
General Debate on Item 2, Oral Update by the High Commissioner
National Statement by Denmark

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Denmark thanks the High Commissioner for shedding a light on grave human rights situations around the world, underlining the need for an action-oriented Human Rights Council, reacting to violations of all human rights wherever and by whoever they are committed.

Invaluable in both preventing and putting an end to human rights breaches is a strong and viable civil society able to operate freely and be heard and without fear of reprisals.

Prevention remains crucial.

In March last year, Denmark presented to this Council a resolution on torture with a focus on prevention; on prevention of torture in periods where risks of violations are highest: In the early stages of police custody and pre-trial detention.

These violations can be prevented, but safeguards are crucial. Many of the most effective safeguards are simple, and do not require sophisticated technologies. But they do require attention and knowledge.

On 6 October all relevant stakeholders will be given the opportunity to take a step further towards prevention of one of the worst human rights violations, by sharing experiences at the OHCHR seminar on safeguards to prevent torture and ill-treatment in police custody and pre-trial detention.

It is through open dialogue and timely action, that this Council can promote and protect human rights. The safeguards seminar is case in point.

Thank you.