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UPR32: Denmark gives recommendations to Vietnam on abolishing outdoor trials, authorising independent newspapers and ratifying the Optional Protocol to the Convention Against Torture:

22.01.2019  17:21

Universal Periodic Review, 32nd session
Human Rights Council

UPR of Vietnam, 22 January 2019
Intervention by Denmark

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Mr. President,

Denmark welcomes the delegation of Vietnam and thanks it for its presentation today.

We commend progress achieved, but are concerned about several human rights issues.

The practice of outdoor trials threatens to undermine the right to a fair trial and related rights.

Denmark recommends the Government to immediately abolish at all levels the exercise of outdoor trials to ensure the right to presumption of innocence, effective legal representation and fair trials.

We are worried about the lack of independent media and persecution of journalists and citizens expressing their views peacefully. The new cybersecurity law is a cause of great concern.

Denmark recommends the Government to authorise the publication of independent newspapers and cease legal sanctions against and harassment of journalists and citizens peacefully expressing views through print media, internet and radio.

Finally, Denmark recommends the Government to ratify OPCAT.

I thank you.