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HRC35: Statement by Denmark in interactive dialogue with SR on Myanmar

15.06.2017  12:10

UN Human Rights Council 35th Session
Interactive dialogue with SR on Myanmar,
15 June 2017
Intervention by Denmark
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Thank you, Mr President. 

Denmark  aligns  itself  with  the  statement by  the  European  Union and thanks the  Special Rapporteur for her oral report. Denmark welcomes the Government’s
positive response to the interim report by the Advisory Commission   on   Rakhine   State and  recognizes  the steps taken to   implement its recommendations.

At  the  same  time, Denmark  encourages  the  Government  to  ensure  an  in-depth  investigation  into  the  allegations  of  human  rights  abuses  in northern  Rakhine.  We  urge the Government to collaborate with the OHCHR, including by allowing the independent Fact-Finding Mission unrestricted access.

We  urge the  Government  to  continue  its  work  applying  an  approach  based  on  respect  for human  rights  and  the  rule  of  law in  line  with  international  standards.

In  this  regard,  Denmark encourages the Government to  ensure  that the citizenship  verification  process  is based on principles  of voluntariness and inclusiveness, while upholding a  non-punitive  approach. It  is important that  those  who  receive  citizenship  can  move  freely  and  enjoy the  same rights and
freedoms as other citizens.

Madam  Special rapporteur, how  can  the  international  community,  in  your  view, best  support the Government’s  efforts to  implement  the  recommendations  of  the  interim  report  of  the Advisory Commission?

Thank you