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Denmark concerned with ongoing violations of fundamental human rights in Iran

12.03.2018  11:46

UN Human Rights Council
37th Session
Interactive Dialogue with SR on Islamic Republic of Iran
Statement by Denmark

Mr. President,
Denmark would like to firstly pay our respect to the late Ms Asma Jahangir and praise her crucial efforts in monitoring and investigating the human rights situation in the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Denmark reiterates its concern regarding the human rights situation in Iran, including the continued discrimination of religious minorities, such as the Baha’i community. It   remains concerned about the high number of executions, including the execution of juvenile offenders, and the use of physical punishment in Iran. Denmark does however commend the Iranian government´s focus on civil rights as well as the progress achieved through the amended Anti-Narcotics Law. Denmark now urges the Islamic Republic of Iran to ensure immediate and thorough implementation of the Law.

Furthermore, we remain troubled by the violation of basic civil liberties and arbitrary arrests of dual citizens. We are particularly disturbed by the recent arrests during the protests in late December 2017 and urge Iran to respect the freedom of expression, association and assembly.

Denmark continues to call upon the Iranian government to follow the recommendations presented by the Special Rapporteur and to accept a visit from the new Special Rapporteur to the Islamic Republic of Iran.

I thank you, Mr President