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Statement by Denmark in Interactive Dialogue with the Special Rapporteur and Fact-Finding Mission on the human rights situation in Myanmar

12.03.2018  13:57

N Human Rights Council
 37th Session
Interactive dialogue with SR /FFM on Myanmar, 12 March 2018
Intervention by Denmark
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Thank you, Mr President.
Denmark aligns itself with the EU statement.
We regret that the Government of Myanmar refuses to collaborate with the Fact-Finding Mission. This will mean that its views will be unaccounted for in the Mission’s reports, which is not in the Government’s interest.

We equally find the decision by the Government to suspend collaboration with the Special Rapporteur deeply regrettable and an unfortunate return to the situation faced by previous rapporteurs under the rule of the military.

Denmark calls on the Government to immediately grant access for, and fully collaborate with, the Fact-Finding Mission and the Special Rapporteur.

We condemn in the strongest terms the human rights abuses and violations in Myanmar, including the recently increased control of the media. The case brought against Reuters journalists Wa Lone and Kyaw Soe Oo, in what appears to be an attack on their role in uncovering abuses in Rakhine state, is a case in point. We call for their immediate release and urge the Government to spare no efforts in holding to account the perpetrators of the massacre that these journalists helped uncover.

Ensuring that the population can safely engage with the UN and its mechanisms without being in fear of reprisals is of key importance for accountability and justice to prevail.
Denmark welcomes the Government of Myanmar’s efforts to establish the physical infrastructure needed to repatriate refugees from Bangladesh.

However, without involving the UNHCR and following the recommendations of the Rakhine Advisory Commission to address the root causes of conflict and violence in Rakhine State - including segregation, lack of security, statelessness and discrimination - it is clear that the environment will remain unconducive for their voluntary, safe and dignified return to their homes in Myanmar.

In closing, we would ask the Fact Finding Mission and the UN Special Rapporteur to share their views on how the Council and its members can best support their work.

Thank you