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HRC36: Denmark supports universal participation at the Human Rights Council

28.09.2017  13:08

36th Session
Item 10: General Debate

Statement by Denmark

Mr President,

Denmark welcomes the statements made by the group of LDC/SIDS delegates who have actively participated in this Council session. We heard you - and your participation is crucial for the work and credibility of the Council.
All countries’ have its own human rights issues – and we urge to push the promotion of universal participation and diversity irrespective of a country’s size, wealth, population or strength.

We recognize the obstacles and challenges for Least Developed Countries and Small States to participate in the Council’s work.  Their challenges of vast distances and the need for capacity building and technical assistance to engage with the Council and its mechanisms are real.
The LDC-SIDS Trust Fund is an excellent platform to address many of these obstacles. Denmark is proud to announce that we will be a new donor to the LDC-SIDS Trust Fund with a contribution of 160,000 USD this year.

Human rights are universal; they are indivisible, interrelated and interdependent. Universal participation in the Council thus remains a most important priority for us. It is a challenge we will continue to shoulder in the years to come, through contribution to the LDC/SIDS Trust Fund and through working closely with our LDC and SIDS partners.

I thank you