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HRC39: Denmark in interactive dialogue with Independent Expert on Sudan at the Human Rights Council

27.09.2018  09:10

UN Human Rights Council
39th Session
Interactive Dialogue: Independent Expert on Sudan
26 September 2018
Intervention by Denmark
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Mr. President,
Denmark aligns itself with the statement made by the European Union and thanks the Independent Expert for his presentation and latest report.
We would like to commend Sudan for the positive developments initiated over the past year. Notably, the decision to appoint key personnel for the Sudan National Commission for Human Rights. A fully functioning and independent National Commission for Human Rights is a key stepping stone for full national ownership of the human rights agenda. We call on Sudan to ensure that the Commission is allowed to undertake its designated role.

Denmark also commends Sudan for the increasingly positive role it has assumed for the stability of the broader region. Most notably its engagement on the ongoing crises in South Sudan and willingness to host a large number of refugees.

We are, however, still greatly concerned about the continued violations of basic human rights and the lack of compliance from Sudan on the previous recommendations from the Independent Expert. Continued restrictions on political rights and fundamental freedoms, harassment of human rights defenders, silencing of civil society actors, and continued government censorship of the press must come to an end.

We are especially concerned about the increasing gender inequality and violations of women’s rights. Grave high-profile examples of injustice combined with public harassment only serve to create a further divide, is detrimental for girls and women and impede them from achieving their full potential.

Denmark urges Sudan to work with dedication to incorporate these and previous recommendations by the Independent Expert. We especially encourage Sudan to ratify the Convention against Torture. The “Convention against Torture Initiative” co-launched by Denmark would be pleased to provide any assistance needed to Sudan.
Thank you.


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