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HRC35: Denmark directs Human Rights Council’s attention to human rights situation in Syria, Bahrain, OPT/Israel, Egypt, Iran, South Sudan, Democratic People’s Republic of Korea and Eastern Ukraine & illegally annexed Crimea

15.06.2017  16:09


Item 4: General Debate

Statement by Denmark

Thank you, Mr. President

Denmark remains deeply concerned with the immense suffering of the Syrian people. We strongly condemn the Syrian regime’s violations of international humanitarian and human rights law for which it must be held accountable We stress the importance of unhindered work of civil society both in Israel and the occupied Palestinian territory and follow recent developments with concern.

We reiterate our call for the release of all arbitrarily detained persons in Bahrain, including the Danish-Bahraini citizen Mr. Abdulhadi Al-Khawaja; A victim of torture who needs treatment and rehabilitation.

We further call for immediate cease of the use of reprisals against human rights defenders and are deeply concerned about the recent case involving Ebtisam Al Sayegh.

We reiterate our encouragement to Egypt to take further steps to provide for an enabling environment for CSOs – the ratification of a new restrictive NGO -law is a step in the wrong directions.

We continue to be concerned with the ongoing human rights violations in Iran, in particular the high number of executions, including of juvenile offenders. The man-made humanitarian catastrophe in South Sudan must come to an end. We call upon political actors in and around South Sudan to pursue a truly inclusive political solution.

We continue to urge the government of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea to take immediate steps to halt all human rights violations in the country.

Denmark remains deeply concerned by the deteriorating human rights situation in Eastern Ukraine and in illegally annexed Crimea. Human rights actors and monitors should be granted free and unhindered access throughout Ukraine, including Crimea.

Thank you