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HRC37: Denmark's statement on Item 2 – ID on HC reports on Sri Lanka   

Statement by Denmark in on the human rights situation on Sri Lanka in item 2 debate on the High Commissioner’s country reports


37th session of the Human Rights Council
 Item 2 – ID on HC reports on Sri Lanka 21 March 2018
 Statement by Denmark

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Thank you Mr. President,
 Denmark aligns itself with the statement delivered by the EU and welcomes the country reports of the High Commissioner.
 Denmark shares the concern of the High Commissioner that much remains to be done in Sri Lanka with regards to ensure full and effective implementation of resolution 30/1 as a means to move forward on the path to reconciliation, justice and protection of human rights for all.
 We encourage the Government of Sri Lanka to establish credible transitional justice mechanisms, return all military-held private land and repeal the Prevention of Terrorism Act. We further underline the importance of safeguarding civil society space.
 Denmark notes with disappointment the lack of progress on a number of emblematic cases suggesting systematic impunity. Such a practice can undermine the credibility of and popular support for the process towards transitional justice and reconciliation.
 We strongly encourage the Government of Sri Lanka to develop and present a clear, time bound and transparent transitional justice strategy.
 Taking into account the recent episodes of mob violence targeting ethnic and religious minorities in the Kandy district, leading to the declaration of a nationwide state of emergency for 10 days, Denmark calls on the Government to ensure justice and protection of human rights for all. 
 Thank you.