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UPR 22 Bulgaria, May 2015

UPR 22 , Danish statement on Bulgaria, May 2015

Mr. President,

Denmark thanks the delegation of Bulgaria for its presentation today.
Denmark commends the Bulgarian government’s constructive attitude to the recommendations of the latest report from the Co-operation and Verification Mechanism. We hope that the Government’s expressed will to introduce the necessary reforms and the adoption of the Judicial Reform Strategy will be followed up by rapid action.

Reports highlight widespread discrimination and intolerance against minorities, especially the Roma population, but also against LGBT persons and members of national minorities in relation to i.a. education, employment, health and housing.
While taking note of the Bulgarian policies to prevent and eliminate discrimination of minorities, Denmark recommends Bulgaria to take targeted and efficient measures to address the discrimination and exclusion of minorities; this should include awareness raising of the majority population of the need to show respect and understanding towards minorities in accordance with the fundamental principle that “all human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights”.

Unfortunately, migrant and refugee flows are increasing alarmingly. Reports clearly indicate that it is a challenge to ensure that vulnerable persons, especially the unaccompanied minors, are given a treatment fully in accordance with international standards.

Denmark recommends that Bulgaria takes immediate action to ensure that legal guardians are appointed for unaccompanied minors and that proper accommodation and education is provided.  

Thank you Mr. President.