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UPR26: Statement by Denmark on Uganda, 3 November 2016

07.11.2016  12:02

Universal Periodic Review, 26th session
 Human Rights Council

UPR of Uganda, 3 November 2016
 Intervention by Denmark
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Mr. President,

Denmark warmly welcomes the Uganda delegation and thanks it for its presentation today and commends the progress made by Uganda since its last UPR.

Denmark also commends the Parliament of Uganda for the Prevention and Prohibition of Torture Act passed in 2012 as well as the important work of the Uganda Human Rights Commission to promote and protect human rights.

However, the regulations to aid implementation of this key law have not been adopted. Hence challenges to eliminate torture and ensure impartial investigations of torture still persist.

Denmark therefore recommends that the Government of Uganda adopts the Prevention and Prohibition of Torture regulation to operationalize the Prevention and Prohibition of Torture Act.

In 2015, Uganda’s Human Rights Commission registered 731 cases of human rights violation out of which 278 (38%) were cases of torture and ill-treatments. Denmark notes with concern that the Ugandan Police Force, was found to be the number one perpetrator.

Denmark therefore recommends Uganda to ensure that the Police Force, the Directorate of Public Prosecution and the Uganda Human Rights Commission investigate all allegations of torture to hold perpetrators accountable.

Denmark further recommends that Uganda intensifies efforts to ratify the Optional Protocol to the Convention against Torture and other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment.

I thank you, Mr. President.