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UPR28: Denmark's statement on Ghana

24.11.2017  12:25


Human Rights Council
 28th session of the UPR working group, 06-17 November 2017
 Review of Ghana
 Intervention by Denmark
 Mr. President,
 Denmark welcomes the Delegation of Ghana and thanks it for its presentation.
 Denmark commends Ghana the Justice for All Programme, organising in-prison court sittings to adjudicate remand cases, to decongest overcrowded prisons. The programme brought justice to the doorstep of remand prisoners forgotten by the criminal justice system.
 To ensure justice for all and reverse overcrowding, Denmark recommends Ghana to amend the criminal procedure code 1960 (Act 30) to introduce alternative sentencing policy.
 Discrimination in any form is unacceptable. Denmark is deeply concerned that minority groups in Ghana, including LGBTI-persons continue to be subject to violence, discrimination and heightened hate- and homophobic speech, including from government officials and religious leaders, which incites violence and homophobia.
 We commend the progress in promoting women’s rights and gender equality, including equal access to basic education. Denmark is however concerned that the Affirmative Action Bill introduced in 2016 has yet to be passed into law.
 Denmark therefore recommends Ghana to adopt the Affirmative Action Bill without further delay.
 Thank you, Mr. President