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UPR 22 Honduras, May 2015

Human Rights Council
22nd session of the UPR working group, 4-15 May 2015
Review of Honduras
Intervention by Denmark

Mr. President,

Denmark welcomes the delegation of Honduras and thanks it for its presentation today. We recognize the efforts of Honduras to break the vicious circle of human rights violations. Still, civil society reports that the human rights situation has worsened since Honduras’ first UPR in 2010. Efforts to reform the institutions responsible for promoting and protecting human rights seem to have made only little progress. Key institutions and ministries suffer from insufficient budgets and we regret the decision to downgrade the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights to a Vice-ministry and the downgrading of the Ministry of Indigenous and Afro-Honduran Affairs to a Department.

According to unofficial sources more than 168 LGBTI persons were killed in Honduras between 2009 and 2014 and many more were subjected to attacks and harassment. According to the Ombudsman, in 92% of these cases, impunity prevails.
Denmark recommends that Honduras ensures 1) that all hate crimes are categorised as such and thoroughly investigated, and 2) that the Gender Identity Law that is currently before Congress is adopted and implemented.

Denmark is also concerned about the inhumane conditions in Honduran prisons, such as overcrowding, inadequate nutrition, and poor sanitation. A report by the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) from August 2013 notes that insufficient resources are allocated to address these problems, and that disasters such as the 2012 fire at Comayagua prison killing 362 people are not thoroughly investigated.

Denmark recommends that Honduras 3) implements the recommendations contained in the 2013 report of the IACHR on the Status of Persons Deprived of Liberty in Honduras, and that the national penitentiary policy is finalised and implemented accordingly.

Thank you.