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UPR29: Denmark's statement on Mali

Universal Periodic Review, 29th session
 Human Rights Council

UPR of Mali, 15 January 2018
Intervention by Denmark

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Mr. President,

Denmark warmly welcomes the delegation of Mali and thanks it for its presentation today.

Denmark commends the considerable progress made in human rights training of Malian security forces since the last UPR in 2013, as well as the efforts made to include provost marshals in field operations to ensure respect for international humanitarian law. The ongoing fight against terrorism must not be carried out at the expense of respect for human rights. It is crucial that perpetrators of human rights are held accountable and that victims can seek redress.

1. Denmark recommends the Government of Mali to ensure that alleged past and ongoing human rights violations by members of the Malian security forces are independently and thoroughly investigated, prosecuted and adjudicated.

Widespread discrimination against women and girls remains a key challenge in Mali. The Persons and Family Code allows for women and young girls to suffer both physical, sexual and emotional abuse by their husbands and the discriminatory provisions and practices contained in the code should be eliminated

2. In this context, Denmark recommends the Government of Mali to reinstate in the Persons and Family Code  the wording of article 25 of the 2009 version of the code, reading, that »The international treaties and agreements regarding the protection of women and children, duly ratified by Mali and published, are applicable»

I thank you.