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United Nations Economic Commission for Europe

UNECE is the United Nations European Economic Commission with 56 Members including all EU member states and the Russian Federation. Apart from countries in Europe, it also includes Canada, the Central Asian republics, Israel and the United States of America. The UNECE secretariat headquarters is in Geneva. In 2010-2011 it had a bi-annual budget of around 95 million USD (of which 65 million USD regular budget, the remainder extra budgetary) and around 225 staff members. It works though 8 sub-programmes (in descending order of expenditure: environment, transport, statistics, sustainable energy, trade, economic integration, land and housing, timber and forestry) and an Executive Office, and produces: normative outcome (>60 International agreements and numerous non-binding "guidelines, standards and best practices"); technical assistance (around 13 million USD in 2011) and policy debate.
EU member states including Denmark actively participate in UNECE work (by capital based experts and Geneva based diplomats) and together contribute over 50% of the extra budgetary resources (EU support mostly spent on the environment).