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The International Organization for Migration

The International Organization for Migration (IOM) was founded in 1951 and is the leading inter-governmental organisation in the field of migration. IOM today has a membership of 125 states, with a further 94 having observer status. IOM is not a part of the United Nations system, but works closely with governments, international organizations and NGOs.
IOM has its head office in Geneva (Switzerland) with offices in some 100 countries, 400 field locations and an annual operating budget of close to 1 billion US dollars. Mr. William Lacy Swing has been the Director General of IOM since October 2008.
Director General: Mr. William Lacy Swing
Deputy Director General: Mrs. Ndioro Ndiaye

Executive Committee: 35 members

2007 voluntary contributions: $6,651,643
2008 contributions: CHF 302,000
2009 contributions: CHF 306,131

IOM’s original mandate was to assist European countries with the handling of migration streams after the Second World War. Today, IOM works on a global basis to ensure the humane and orderly handling of migration, to promote international cooperation in this area and to provide humanitarian assistance to migrants in need. The Director General is working vigorously to strengthen ownership, partnerships and staff professionalism within the organization. Mixed migrations flows and human rights are some of the prevailing subjects among members.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs supports a wide spectrum of IOM projects to strengthen the handling of migration in a number of countries. The Ministry of Refugee, Immigration and Integration Affairs also supports and cooperates with IOM.

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