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UPR22: Denmark recommends the Maldives to ensure independence of its judicial processes and judges and the right to appeal

06.05.2015  12:42
Human Rights Council
UPR 22nd Session
Recommendations from Denmark to the Maldives
May 2015

Mr. President,
Denmark thanks the Maldivian delegation for its presentation today.
It is with regret that we take note of the significant number of recommendations accepted by the Maldives during its first Universal Periodic Review that still awaits implementation. Denmark hopes that the Maldives will take urgent steps to implement all accepted UPR recommendations.

Denmark is concerned about the irregularities and rushed processes related to the recent court case against the former President, Mr. Mohamed Nasheed, which inter alia disrupted his possibilities for a free and fair appeal case. This case severely questions the independence of the Maldivian justice system.

Denmark recommends that the Maldives restore confidence in its legal system by ensuring the clear and unambiguous division of powers, including the indisputable independence of its judicial processes and judges.

We furthermore recommend that the Maldives ensures that everyone convicted of a crime has the right to have his conviction and sentence reviewed by a higher tribunal, as prescribed by Article 14 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights.
Lastly, Denmark recommends that the Maldives presents its initial report to the UN Committee against Torture which is overdue since 2005.

Thank you.


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