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HRC39: Denmark warmly welcomes the new High Commissioner, Michelle Bachelet, and highlights the role the Human Rights Council can play in promoting and protecting the human rights of young people.

11.09.2018  12:54

United Nations Human Rights Council
39th Session
General Debate on Item 2
National Statement by Denmark

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Denmark aligns itself with the statement by the European Union. Denmark warmly welcomes High Commissioner Michelle Bachelet. We are convinced that the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights under her competent leadership and guidance will continue to uphold its crucial mandate to promote and protect human rights.

Denmark thanks the High Commissioner for the reports submitted to the Council. In particular, we welcome the report on human rights and young people. It documents the challenges and discriminatory practices faced by young people around the world, stressing the need for a vigilant and resolute Human Rights Council that is able to act against such violations of human rights wherever they may occur.

Denmark sees the youth agenda as a human rights agenda. Young people are individuals with the same fundamental human rights as everybody else. However, as pointed out in the High Commissioner’s report, many limitations are put on young people’s ability to take part in politics and public decision-making, gain access to decent jobs, protect their sexual and reproductive health and rights etc.

Young people possess enormous potential as positive actors of change in their societies. Young people are not just beneficiaries but, rather, partners and leaders of societal development.

By providing a forum for consultations, dialogue and tangible action, the Council can play an important part in promoting and protecting the human rights of all young people.

Thank you.

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