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HRC41: Denmark welcomes agreement between the parties in Sudan and strongly supports investigations of events on June 3

09.07.2019  16:39

UN Human Rights Council
41st Session
Enhanced Interactive Dialogue
9 July 2019
Intervention by Denmark

Thank you, Mr. President
Denmark aligns itself with the statement made by the EU.

We would like to thank the OHCHR for the oral report and for the important work done to improve the human rights situation in Sudan. This work is more important than ever given the volatile situation in the country.

Since December last year, we have witnessed a determined, courageous, and non-violent Sudanese people calling for peace and democracy. Their persistent efforts have proved successful and Denmark firmly commends this and congratulates Sudan on having reached an agreement on a civilian-led transitional authority. This is an important step in the right direction.

We would also like to thank the AU and Ethiopia for playing an important role as mediators. Now it is important to uphold and implement this agreement to achieve democracy and peace in Sudan, and Denmark encourages all parties to keep the good faith in the work ahead.

Contrary to this, Denmark strongly condemns the deadly attacks as well as reports of sexual and gender-based acts of violence that took place on 3rd June of this year. We welcome the announcement that there will be an independent investigation of the events on June 3rd and we call on the investigation to be carried out as soon as possible and to make sure those responsible are held to account.

In closing, Denmark would like to ask, given that an agreement has now been reached, how you see the way forward for your work in Sudan?

Thank you.

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