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HRC32: Interactive Dialogue on South Sudan, Intervention by Denmark on 22 June 2016

UN Human Rights Council
 32st Session
 Interactive Dialogue on South Sudan, 22 June 2016
 Intervention by Denmark
 Mr. President,

Denmark welcomes this opportunity to address the human rights situation in South Sudan. It is crucial that the Human Rights Council maintain its attention to this situation and that the international community uphold a constructive but critical dialogue with the recently formed Transitional Government of National Unity while continuing to monitor the human rights situation with a view to hold accountable all parties responsible for violations and abuses of human rights and humanitarian law.

Despite recent political developments we continue to be deeply concerned about the human rights situation in South Sudan. The consolidation of the transitional government is an important step towards the implementation of the peace agreement, but major efforts to achieve a real transition remain to be seen.  Reports of counter-insurgency operations, including killing, torturing, raping and detaining civilians in inhumane conditions along with impunity remain common. The work of UNMISS and humanitarian organisations is time and again obstructed and reports on looting of humanitarian supplies are of great concern.
 We are especially concerned about - and deeply saddened by - the violent attacks and killings of aid workers in South Sudan. The working environment for these workers continues to deteriorate, with a total of 54 aid workers having lost their lives in the line of duty over the past three years. That is nothing short of a tragedy for a country in dire need of humanitarian support.
 Denmark calls on South Sudanese leaders to translate commitments to end the suffering of its population into action. In doing so, it is paramount that the government supports the work and efforts of UNMISS so that the mission freely can carry out its vital mandate.

Allow me to ask the distinguished stakeholders here today; how do we as the international community hold the South Sudanese leaders up to their responsibility to protect the population of Sudan and to counteract impunity

I thank you, Mr. President.