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HRC46. Item 2: General Debate. Statement by Denmark. February 2021.

46th Session
Item 2: General Debate
Statement by Denmark

Mr. President,

Denmark aligns itself with the EU statement and thanks the High Commissioner for her report. We also refer to our statement regarding Venezuela and the Nordic-Baltic statements on Eritrea, Nicaragua and Sri Lanka.

Despite initial positive signals from the new President in Burundi, the space for political and civil society actors remains restricted and human rights violations continue. We urge the new Government to address issues of torture, impunity, corruption and sexual- and gender-based violence. 

We remain deeply disturbed by the dire human rights situation in the separatist-held regions of eastern Ukraine and in the illegally annexed Crimea and City of Sevastopol. We call for unhindered access of international human rights observers and monitors throughout Ukraine. 

We also remain concerned by the human rights situation in Turkey, including non-implementation of rulings from the European Court of Human Rights, infringements of rights of faith based minorities and NGOs, and arrests of and charges against democratically elected politicians, human rights defenders and journalists. 

Lack of accountability and rule of law is often exacerbated in countries of conflict. The continuing human rights violations and abuses being committed with impunity across Libya and Yemen are deeply worrying, and we urge all parties to the conflicts to fully respect international humanitarian and human rights law. All parties must protect civilians, including migrants, refugees and IDP’s, and ensure unhindered humanitarian access.

Thank you.