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UPR37. Statement by Denmark. UPR of the Union of the Republic of Myanmar.  

Universal Periodic Review, 37th session
Human Rights Council
UPR of the Union of the Republic of Myanmar
Intervention by Denmark

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Denmark welcomes the delegation of Myanmar and thanks it for its presentation.

We commend Myanmar on the milestone elections, though we regret that the right to vote was not ensured for all, particularly the Rohingya. We remain deeply concerned by lack of accountability, discrimination and restrictions on freedom of expression, thought and religion or belief. 

Denmark recommends the Government to

1. allow all children irrespective of race, ethnicity and religion to attend primary school without the provision of a birth certificate.

2. to repeal, or amend to bring in line with international law, the Official Secrets Act, the Unlawful Associations Act, and sections 124A, 153, 499-500, and 505 of the Penal Code.

3. to ratify the Convention Against Torture.

Denmark wishes Myanmar a successful review.

Thank you.