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HRC37: Denmark's statement on Mali

Statement by Denmark in Interactive Dialogue with independent expert on the human rights situation in Mali.


UN Human Rights Council
 37th Session
 Interactive Dialogue with Independent Expert on Mali, 20 March 2018
 Intervention by Denmark

Thank you, Mr. President.
 Denmark fully aligns itself with the statement delivered by the EU.
 Distinguished Independent Expert, Mr. Suliman Baldo, Denmark would like to thank you for your comprehensive and insightful report.
 As the report clearly demonstrates, Mali is facing a number of difficult challenges including a rapidly deteriorating security situation and growing influence of extremist groups.

Denmark shares the independent expert’s concern for this as well as for the continued impunity despite human rights abuses by both armed groups and Malian security forces. As reflected in the report, local populations’ lack of trust in state and state actors due to human rights violations and impunity for the perpetrators contributes to the destabilisation of the region and radicalisation of local populations.

While Denmark commends the considerable progress made over the last years in human rights training of Malian security forces as well as efforts by the Malian Ministry of Defence to investigate reports of human rights abuse by the security forces in central Mali, too little progress has been made in the judicial track. The fight against impunity is an essential part of the peace and reconciliation process and the fight against terrorism must not be at the expense of this aim. 
 To this end, Denmark confirms its support to the Alger Peace Accord and its full implementation, which is a key prerequisite for peace and reconciliation in Mali. Political will and determination from all the signatory parties is of the essence.

Finally, allow me to assure you of Denmark’s commitment to assist in improving the human rights situation in Mali. Respect for human rights and accountability for those that violate them must be at the core of the development of the country to achieve sustainable peace and stability. To that end, allow me to ask Mr. Baldo:

- In your opinion, what are the main challenges to the judicial process?
 - How do you view the role of the international community in supporting the development of a more efficient judicial process?

Thank you Mr. President.