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UPR25: Denmark's statement on Sudan, May 2016

UPR25: Denmark recommends Sudan to review National Security Act, investigate violations of women’s rights and ratify the UN Convention Against Torture.


Human Rights Council
UPR 25rd Session of the UPR working group,
Review of Sudan
Intervention by Denmark

Mr. President,
Denmark welcomes the Sudanese delegation and thanks for its presentation.
Denmark commends Sudan for establishing a National Human Rights Commission and urges Sudan to ensure its independence, in order to address the disturbing human rights situation in Sudan. 

Important steps towards a national dialog to end the armed conflict in Darfur, South Kordofan and Blue Nile have been taken. Dialogue must involve all parties to ensure liberty and security for the Sudanese people.
We commend steps taken to ensure women's representation in executive and legislative bodies.  However, discrimination and harmful practices still affect women’s equal place in society.

Denmark recommends that priority is given to ensure independent, impartial and effective investigations into violations of women’s rights.
Denmark is concerned about the reported excessive use of force, detainment and punishments by the National Intelligence and Security Service  as well as harassment and intimidation of civil society, media and political opposition.
We recommend that Sudan reviews the National Security Act, in particular the extensive powers granted to the National Intelligence and Security Service, to bring it in line with international human rights law.

Finally, Denmark recommends that Sudan ratifies the UN Convention Against Torture.
Thank you, Mr. President.