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UPR26: Statement by Denmark on Syria, 31 October 2016     


Universal Periodic Review, 26th session
Human Rights Council

UPR of Syria, 31 October 2016
Intervention by Denmark

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Mr. President,

Denmark strongly condemns the continuous and gross human rights violations committed by the Syrian regime.

Recent indiscriminate and excessive bombings of Aleppo clearly show the disregard and disdain that the Syrian regime has for its own population.

We deplore the repeated attacks against hospitals and essential civilian infrastructure in Syria. We are horrified to see the continued use of barrel bombs, cluster bombs and chemical weapons by the Syrian regime and its allies with massive civilian losses as a direct consequence. These actions may amount to war crimes. We welcome the recent resolution adopted by the Human Rights Council calling on the Commission of Inquiry to produce a report that will contribute to holding accountable those responsible.

Denmark would like to remind the Syrian regime of its duty to secure the effective implementation of Security Council resolutions 2139 (2014) of 22 February 2014 and 2254 (2015)

Denmark recommends Syria to stop the widespread practice of enforced disappearances, arbitrary detention and the use of sexual violence, torture and ill-treatment in its detention centres. This includes granting international monitoring bodies immediate access without undue restriction to all detainees and to publish a list of all detention facilities.

Denmark recommends that the Syrian regime lives up to all is obligations under international humanitarian law and international human rights law and provides immediate, full and unhindered humanitarian access to all populations in need throughout Syria.

Denmark recalls the need of the Syria to cooperate fully with the Human Rights Council and the Commission of Inquiry by granting it immediate, full and unfettered access throughout the Syrian Arab Republic.

I thank you