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HRC31: Interactive Dialogue with Independent Expert on Mali, 22 March 2016,Intervention by Denmark

HRC31: Human rights needed at the core of development in Mali to achieve peace and stability


UN Human Rights Council

31st Session

Interactive Dialogue with Independent Expert on Mali, 22 March 2016

Intervention by Denmark

Denmark fully aligns itself with the statement delivered by the EU.

Your Excellency Mr. Suliman Baldo, Denmark would like to thank you for your comprehensive report.

Important steps have been taken to improve the human rights situation in Mali but - as your report clearly demonstrates - there is still some way to go. In particular in the Northern Mali the human rights situation continues to be of concern, and we underline the need to ensure that measures taken to combat terrorism is in full compliance with international law. Denmark remains committed to assist in improving the human rights situation in Mali acknowledging that human rights must be at the core of the development of the country to achieve sustainable peace and stability.

In this regard it is particularly important that more is done when it comes to ensuring an inclusive national dialogue and reconciliation. Denmark welcomes initiatives to ensure an inclusive implementation of the peace agreement that can underpin reconciliation. It is important that for instance the representation of women and vulnerable groups is enforced in relation to implementation of the peace agreement.

Moreover, more should be done to ensure progress in the fight against impunity. Denmark encourages the Malian government to take steps to restore the rule of law through transitional justice measures. This can help prevent the recurrence of violence and rebuild public trust between state and society. The establishment of the National Commission for Truth, Justice and Reconciliation is an important step in this regard but we still need to see the results of its work. It will also be important for Mali to revise the status of the National Human Rights Commission with a view to bringing it into conformity with the Paris Principles on national human rights institutions. Denmark stands behind Mali in this process. 

Finally, Denmark agrees with the recommendation to address violence against women. Women’s rights remain a concern in Mali. Many women have been hit harder by the crisis because they are unable to claim their rights when they are violated.  It is crucial to provide support to ensure that the role of women are considered in the peace and reconciliation process, and that the implementation of Security Council resolution 1325 is supported.

Thank you Mr. President.