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HRC31: Denmark's statement, Interactive dialogue with SR on Myanmar, 14 March 2017

UN Human Rights Council
31st Session
Interactive dialogue with SR on Myanmar, 14 March 2017

Intervention by Denmark

Thank you Mr. President,
Denmark fully aligns itself with the statement by the EU.
Denmark agrees with the Special Rapporteur that Myanmar is faced with formidable human rights challenges. The outgoing government has launched a number of reforms which have positively impacted the lives of many, while still not tackling legislative and systemic issues which continue to undermine the human rights of even more.
Myanmar is undergoing a very positive and peaceful transition process, with only two weeks to a new and democratically elected government taking office. We urge the incoming government to  decisively address the many human rights challenges and we as the international community should offer all the support we can to assist it in this endeavour. Denmark aims to do so.

At the same time, we also need to recognise that many fundamental reforms are needed. The implementation and  pace of such reforms will need careful balancing of different interests. The international community may not be helping the process, if it expects too much too fast, including in areas where national consensus will be required for reforms to proceed.

In terms of the situation in Rakhine State, Denmark agrees that innovative approaches are needed to bring about positive change in regard to the serious human rights challenges facing Rohingya and other stateless Muslims. Tackling the root causes of the human rights violations in Rakhine State, however, also requires addressing the underdevelopment and abject poverty facing all people in the state, including non-Muslims, while continuing to build trust and understanding between communities. Denmark encourages the Special Rapporteur to continue her work towards this aim and supports the establishment of an OHCHR office in Myanmar.

Thank you, Mr. President