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UPR31: Statement by Denmark. UPR of Nigeria, 6 November 2018.

Universal Periodic Review, 31st session
Human Rights Council

UPR of Nigeria, 6 November 2018
Intervention by Denmark

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Mr. President,

Denmark warmly welcomes the Nigerian delegation and thanks it for its presentation today.

Protecting the sexual and reproductive health and rights of women and girls is of key importance in ensuring their physical and mental well-being, safety and health. Denmark commends the adoption of the 2015 Violence against Persons Prohibition Act.

Denmark recommends the Government to ensure the adoption and implementation of the 2015 Violence against Persons Prohibition Act in all of Nigeria’s 36 states.

Denmark notes that the Nigerian Government stresses that a de-facto moratorium on the execution of death sentences is in place, and commends that no death sentence has been executed since 2016.

Denmark recommends that the Government sign a moratorium on execution of death sentences.

I thank you.