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HRC38: Statement by Denmark in interactive dialogue with the Special Rapporteur on the human rights situation in Myanmar



UN Human Rights Council
  38th Session
 Interactive dialogue with SR on Myanmar, 27 June 2018
 Intervention by Denmark
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Thank you, Mr President
 We welcome the presentation of the Special Rapporteur and call on the Government of Myanmar to resume collaboration with the mandate.
 Denmark aligns itself with the EU statement, including in welcoming the signing on 6 June of an MOU with UNHCR and UNDP as well as the Government’s cooperation with the UNSG Special Envoy.

Yet, Denmark also continues to be deeply concerned by the grave human rights violations committed by Myanmar’s security forces, not least in Rakhine state. Impunity must end on all sides.

Denmark welcomes the Government’s announcement to establish an Independent Commission of Inquiry with an international personality to investigate violations of human rights in Rakhine as one of several steps needed to ensure accountability. We expect the Government to make sure that the Commission will take up its work swiftly and operate independently, transparently, and in line with international principles. At the same time, we strongly urge the Government to cooperate with both the Special Rapporteur and the UN Fact Finding Mission.

Denmark is also concerned by the shrinking space for independent media. The case against the journalists, Wa Lone and Kyaw Soe Oo, who uncovered atrocities carried out by Myanmar’s military in northern Rakhine is a case in point. We call for their immediate release and urge the Government to investigate the claims that they were set up by its own police force.

We are equally concerned with the ongoing crackdown on peaceful demonstrators who call for an end to armed conflict in Kachin state and in turn are attacked by police and thugs and faced with arrest, detention and legal sanctions. These practices to ban, block, attack and dissolve peaceful protests should remain a thing of the past in Myanmar, not a practice of its first democratically elected government in decades.

In closing, we would ask the UN Special Rapporteur her views on how the Council and its members can best support her work.

 Thank you