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UPR37. statement by Denmark. UPR of Nepal. 21 January 2021.  

UPR of Nepal, 21 January 2021
Intervention by Denmark
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Mr. President, 
Denmark welcomes the delegation of Nepal and thanks it for its presentation.

We commend Nepal for taking steps towards addressing discrimination based on caste and for efforts to counter violence against women. However, these remain significantly challenging issues, with an increasing number of reports of sexual and gender-based violence, including rape. 

Denmark recommends the Government to eliminate the statute of limitations for rape and other sexual and gender-based violence in order to bring legislation in line with international standards.

The new penal code restricts the right to freedom of religion or belief. 

Denmark recommends the Government to repeal or amend sections 155, 156 and 158 of the Penal Code so it is consistent with ICCPR. 

Finally, Denmark recommends the Government to ratify OPCAT.

Denmark wishes Nepal a successful review.

I thank you.