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UPR32: Statement by Denmark. UPR of Chile. 22 January 2019.

Universal Periodic Review, 32nd session
 Human Rights Council

UPR of Chile, 22 January 2019
 Intervention by Denmark

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Mr. President,

Denmark welcomes the delegation of Chile and thanks it for its presentation today.

We commend the steps taken by the government towards enhancing the protection of women’s physical integrity and autonomy by the introduction of the abortion law in 2017. However, Denmark remains concerned in regards to the limited access women has to the service due to the “conscientious objectors” clause.

Denmark recommends the Government to ensure that the public health establishments have at least one team, qualified to provide abortion services, that does not plead to the ‘conscientious objection’.

Denmark appreciates the expressed determination of the Chilean government to resolve unrest with the indigenous peoples of Chile and ensure their rights. However, lines of communication seem to have broken down.
 Denmark recommends the Government to immediately re-establish communications with indigenous leaders, including with Mapuche leaders, in order to identify and resolve conflict-related issues.

I thank you.