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UPR37. Statement by Denmark. UPR of Georgia. 26 January 2020.

Universal Periodic Review, 37rd session
Human Rights Council
UPR of Georgia, 26th January 2020
Intervention by Denmark

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Denmark welcomes the delegation of Georgia and thanks it for its presentation.

We commend the initiative for training courses on hate crimes for prosecutors. However, we are concerned with the pervasiveness of violence and discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity. 

Denmark recommends the Government to undertake educational and awareness-raising campaigns to address stigma, dispel myths and combat stereotypes related to sexual orientation and gender identity.

Denmark commends Georgia’s ratification of the Istanbul Convention, but notes with concern the inadequate legal definitions related to sexual and gender-based violence.  

Denmark recommends the Government to amend the definition of rape in the criminal code to ensure compliance with the Istanbul Convention

We wish Georgia a successful review.

Thank you.