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UPR37. Statement by Denmark. UPR of Nauru. 27 January 2021.  

Universal Periodic Review, 37th session
Human Rights Council

UPR of Nauru, 27 January 2021
Intervention by Denmark
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Denmark welcomes the delegation of Nauru and thanks it for its presentation.

We commend the Government of Nauru for its ongoing commitment to advancing human rights, including by abolishing the death penalty and decriminalizing same-sex relations, as enshrined in the Crimes Act of 2016. 

However, we are concerned by the high rate of teenage and adolescent birth rates, which has also resulted in a high number of early marriages. Comprehensive sexuality education is a crucial tool in protecting sexual and reproductive health and rights, especially for young women and girls. 
For these reasons, Denmark recommends the Government to provide comprehensive sexuality education as part of the school curriculum. 

Protecting and upholding the right to freedom of expression and to a free and independent media is fundamental in order to safeguard a democratic society. 

Denmark recommends the Government to repeal or amend the criminal defamation provisions of the Criminal Act of 2016, to ensure that it fully complies with international human rights law.

Denmark wishes Nauru a successful review.

I thank you.