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HRC40: Statement by Denmark on Item 2 – ID on HC report on Sri Lanka.

40th session of the Human Rights Council
Item 2 – ID on HC report on Sri Lanka 20 March 2019
Statement by Denmark
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Thank you Mr. President,
Denmark aligns itself with the statement delivered by the EU and welcomes the report of the OHCHR.
Denmark shares the call by the High Commissioner upon the Government of Sri Lanka to demonstrate sustained commitment and leadership to move forward on promoting reconciliation, accountability and human rights in Sri Lanka.

Denmark notes the progress made in some areas by the Government of Sri Lanka on human rights issues and its engagement with civil society. However, progress in transitional justice has been inconsistent and subject to delay. Denmark agrees that to be successful, a transitional justice agenda must enjoy the confidence of victims and society at large.

We are concerned about the continuing reports of harassment or surveillance of human rights defenders and of victims of human rights violations. Surveillance or intimidation of victims and activists is incompatible with the reconciliation agenda.
We strongly encourage the Government of Sri Lanka to prepare a comprehensive and transparent strategy on transitional justice with a time-bound plan to implement the pending commitments made within the context of resolution 30/1.

Denmark calls on the Government of Sri Lanka to establish appropriate institutional reforms within the military, intelligence and police to counter torture, sexual violence and other human rights violations.

Madame Deputy High Commissioner, can you elaborate on how best to strengthen support for the victims of human rights violations in Sri Lanka, not least women and children?

Thank you.