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HRC40: Statement by Denmark on the Interactive Dialogue on HRC periodic update on Ukraine 


UN Human Rights Council 40th Session
Interactive Dialogue on HRC periodic update on Ukraine
Intervention by Denmark

Denmark aligns itself with the statement of the EU. We welcome this opportunity to discuss the important observations by the OHCHR on the human rights situation in Ukraine. We deeply regret the continuation of hostility and the increase in documented violations of human rights.

We note with satisfaction the decreasing trend of conflict-related civilian casualties, but we must not forget the more than 5 million people, including 1.3 million internally displaced, who are still deeply affected by the armed conflict. The hardship they endure is exacerbated by the lack of access to basic services. Only a full implementation of the Minsk agreement will bring an end to their suffering and allow due respect for human rights. 

The actions taken by Russia undermining the territorial integrity of Ukraine is a major cause of the continued human rights violations.  We therefore reiterate our continued support of the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine and denounce the illegal annexation of Crimea by Russia. Russia must release all Ukrainian citizens illegally detained in Russia, including the servicemen captured on November 25th. International human rights actors and monitors should be granted full, free and unhindered access throughout Ukraine, not least in Crimea and the self-proclaimed people’s republics.

We are concerned about the reports of restrictions to the civil space in Ukraine, including lack of investigation and accountability for perpetrators of violence against journalists and civil society activists. The government of Ukraine should assiduously ensure full respect for political rights and freedoms ahead of this year’s elections.

Madame High Commissioner, what can be done to ensure better access for human right actors and monitors throughout Ukraine?

Thank you.