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HRC40: Statement by H.E. Morten Jespersen, PR of Denmark on behalf of the Convention against Torture Initiative


40th Session – Item 3 General Debate
Statement by H.E. Morten Jespersen, PR of Denmark on behalf of the Convention against Torture Initiative

Thank you, Mr. President,
I have the pleasure of speaking on behalf of Chile, Fiji, Ghana, Morocco, Indonesia and my own country, Denmark, as members of the core group behind the Convention against Torture Initiative, or CTI. Fiji recently accepted our invitation to join the CTI as a Core State. As a leading Pacific Island nation, we look forward to working closely with Fiji to strengthen the reach of CTI in the Pacific.

This year the CTI enters its 5th year. With 11 new State parties since its launch in 2014, I am pleased to report good progress towards achieving our vision. A vision where all States have condemned torture through ratification of the UN Convention against Torture, and are taking steps to actively implement it.
In June last year, CTI launched our new Strategy for the 2018-2020 period. We have committed to increasing awareness of the benefits of ratifying the Convention, of sharing good State practices on ratification and implementation, as well as strengthening our institutional engagement with government ministries.

In 2018, we welcomed 3 new State parties. We congratulate the Governments of the Marshall Islands, the Commonwealth of the Bahamas and The Gambia on this achievement. We also commend the Government of Tuvalu for accepting UPR recommendations to ratify and the Government of Malaysia for pledging to ratify during their last cycle of reviews, as well as the Governments of Grenada, Tonga, Samoa and Kiribati [pronounced Kiribas] for expressing their full support towards ratification during CTI’s high-level regional seminars.

During 2018, CTI hosted representatives from more than 80 States at our events. We also conducted visits to The Gambia, Sudan and Tonga. Earlier this month, CTI hosted 11 Pacific Island States, 8 being represented at ministerial level, showing the strong interest in this issue in that region.

 In conclusion, let me
 - thank all members of the CTI Group of Friends, which includes 41 UN Member States;
 - and remind the Council that the CTI stands ready to support any State who is considering ratification of the Convention and wishes to advance on this issue.
 I thank you, Mr. President.