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HRC40: Joint statement on the human rights situation in Venezuela 

Oral update on the human rights situation in Venezuela
Joint Statement
20 March 2019

Mr. President,

I have the honour to deliver this statement on behalf of XX States.

We reiterate our deep concern about the political, social, economic and humanitarian crisis in Venezuela, which has forced 3.4 million people, more than 10% of its population, to leave their country since 2015, and nearly 2 million alone in 2018.

We reaffirm our concern about the lack of access to basic health services, the progressive loss of operational capacity of the national health system and the increase of several diseases in the country. The reappearance of measles in Venezuela and in the region, the rise in cases of malaria, diphtheria and tuberculosis, new HIV infections as well as the lack of antiretroviral medicines are some examples of the seriousness of the health and sanitary situation. As a result of the recent one hundred hours power cut, more than 20 patients have died and thousands more have seen their daily lives severely affected.

Our countries denounce the systematic negation of the humanitarian emergency that is affecting all Venezuelans, in particular the most vulnerable population, depriving them of food and medicine as well as access to basic services. This violates their most fundamental human rights.

More than 6 months after the adoption of resolution 39/1, during which time approximately 900 000 Venezuelans have left the country, a technical mission of the Office of the High Commissioner is in Venezuela evaluating the situation of the country and the feasibility of a visit of the High Commissioner. In this context, we hope there has been cooperation amongst all parties, to ensure that the technical mission can fulfill its objectives.

Mr. President,

The Venezuelan people must receive international humanitarian aid to alleviate their suffering, in accordance with humanitarian principles. Venezuelans must recover the possibility of deciding their own political destiny.

Our countries are convinced that only through peaceful, political and democratic means will it be possible to stop the violations of human rights in Venezuela and this Council must be part of that solution.

Thank you.