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Human Rights Council

The Human Rights Council (HRC)
HRC is the most important international platform for the strengthening of human rights around the globe. Since its creation in 2006, the HRC has been working for the promotion and protection of human rights and fundamental freedoms for all, as well as addressing and investigating specific human rights violations. This is done for example by establishing mandates for special rapporteurs and independent experts as well as for fact-finding missions and investigative mechanisms. There are 47 members of the HRC, who are elected by the UN General Assembly in accordance with a principle of equitable geographical distribution.
The Council holds three ordinary sessions a year: Four weeks in February/March, three weeks in June/July and three weeks in September.

Danish membership of the HRC
In September 2018 Denmark was for the first time elected for the UN Human Rights Council (HRC) for a period of three years (2019-2021).  As a member of the HRC Denmark will play an active role in the work of the Council by taking part in votes on resolutions during the sessions.
Denmark in particular seeks to be a strong voice for the promotion of women and girls’ rights, indigenous peoples’ rights and for the prevention of torture. Other priorities on the agenda for the Danish membership of the HRC are the principles of the rule of law and accountability, the protection of human rights defenders and freedom of religion and belief. Denmark also seeks to promote the focus on human rights online as well as the linkages between human rights and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

Reform of the HRC and improved efficiency
It is Denmark’s view that in order for the HRC to best fulfil its mandate and purpose, there is a need for reform and improved efficiency.
This requires cross-regional engagement to better ensure that human rights obligations and universal norms are translated into local reality. In this process, strengthening of the delivery of capacity building and technical support is an essential tool.
Denmark works for a principled and strong HRC that takes timely action by addressing critical country situations and important thematic areas of human rights.

Danish membership of the Human Rights Council 2019-2021