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Denmark recommends Micronesia to establish a national human rights institution, address gender-based violence, and to ratify CAT and OPCAT

Universal Periodic Review, 37th session
Human Rights Council

UPR of Micronesia, 18 January 2021
Intervention by Denmark

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Mme/Mr President, 

Denmark welcomes the delegation of Micronesia and thanks it for its presentation today.

Denmark commends Micronesia for launching the National Gender Policy in 2018. However, we are concerned with the high rates of sexual- and gender-based violence. 

Denmark recommends the Government to conduct efficient, independent and credible investigations into all cases of sexual- and gender-based violence, and hold perpetrators accountable with proportional sanctions. 

Continued progress on human rights issues rests greatly on national human rights institutions. 

Therefore, Denmark recommends the Government to establish an independent national human rights institution, in accordance with the Paris Principles. 

Finally, Denmark recommends the Government to ratify the Convention against Torture and its Optional Protocol. 

Allow me in this context to highlight that the Convention against Torture Initiative (the CTI) stands ready to explore avenues to assist Micronesia in advancing on this issue if deemed helpful.

Denmark wishes Micronesia a successful review.

I thank you.