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HRC45: Denmark is deeply concerned about the findings of the fact-finding mission on Venezuela and calls for free and peaceful democratic elections

UN Human Rights Council
45th Session 
23 September 2020

Interactive dialogue with the Fact-Finding Mission in Venezuela

Intervention by Denmark

Madame President,

Denmark aligns with the statement made by the EU and thank the fact-finding mission for its report.

We are deeply concerned about the findings documented in the report, including widespread and systematic attacks and human rights violations directed against the civilian population. The report indicates that the Venezuelan authorities and security forces for years have planned and executed serious human rights violations, including arbitrary killings and the systematic use of torture, some of which amount to crimes against humanity.

The Venezuelan authorities must comply with their international human rights obligations and put an end to all such violations as well as carry out investigations into the crimes committed in order to bring perpetrators to account. 

The path to ending human suffering, reinstating rule of law and ensuring respect for human right lies in expanding the democratic and civic space. We therefore urge political actors in Venezuela to resume negotiations and to guarantee the necessary conditions for free and peaceful democratic elections.

In closing, we would like to ask, what role do you see for the Human Rights Council in contributing to accountability for violations in the country?

Thank you.