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New issue of Focus Denmark out now

The winter/spring issue zooms in on the DNA scientist Eske Willerslev, 16 new hospital projects and the challenge for future farmers.

The winter/spring 2016 issue of Focus Denmark, published by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, is out now.

Highlights of the new issue include:

  • Food and agriculture. Special report on the challenge for future farmers: How to feed 9 billion people.
  • Tomorrow’s healthcare. The Danish hospital system is undergoing unprecedented expansion and restructuring.
  • A frontiersman. DNA scientist Eske Willerslev pushes the boundaries of our understanding of the human past.
  • Oh Land. A spinal fracture put an end to a promising ballet career, but Nanna Øland reinvented herself as a vocalist.

The winter/spring issue is free and available in a variety of formats:

- Tablet/iPad edition: App Store or Google Play
- Desktop edition:
- Smartphone edition:

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