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UPR37: Denmark recommends Lebanon to strengthen its National Preventive Mechanism and to adopt a personal status act, applying to all regardless of gender or religious affiliation

Universal Periodic Review, 37th session
Human Rights Council

UPR of LEBANON, 18th of January 2021
Intervention by Denmark

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Denmark thanks the delegation of Lebanon for its presentation. 
We stress the need for immediate systemic reforms in Lebanon. 

We commend Lebanon on establishing the National Prevention Mechanism, but stress the need to implement decisions taken.

Denmark recommends to amend law 62 to ensure that the NPM can carry out its mandate effectively and independently, with a sufficient budget and full transparency in its work.

We remain concerned that religion-based personal status laws discriminate against women in matters of marriage, divorce, custody and inheritance.

Denmark recommends to adopt a unified personal status act, applying to all persons regardless of gender or religious affiliation, allowing for civil marriages. 

Denmark wishes Lebanon a successful review.

Thank you.