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HRC43: Denmark addresses UN Special Rapporteur on Freedom of Religion or Belief about the intersections between FoRB and Gender Equality.

UN Human Rights Council     
43rd session, 2 March 2020

Interactive dialogue with the Special Rapporteur on
Freedom of Religion or Belief
Intervention by Denmark
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Mdm. President,
Denmark aligns itself with the statement by the EU.
We thank Special Rapporteur Shaheed for shedding light on the clash between some religious interpretations and the right to equal treatment on the basis of gender.
In 2019, Denmark and Norway facilitated a consultation process among experts to find new synergies to promote FoRB and gender equality in the context of the SDGs, with specific focus on
• SDG no. 3 on health,
• no. 4 on education,
• no. 13 on climate action, and
• no. 16 on peace, justice and strong institutions.
The underlying rationale being that it is easier to find solutions when focusing on common goals.
Organized by the Danish Institute for Human Rights and the Stefanus Alliance in Norway, the process resulted in concrete recommendations on for instance how to raise awareness and knowledge across religious and health care communities to achieve the targets of SDG 3.
Dr. Shaheed, in your report, you also mention some of these positive synergies between the right to FoRB and gender equality. What is your assessment of how we best promote positive synergies between FoRB and Gender Equality within the framework of SDGs?
Thank you.