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UPR37: Denmark recommends Australia to establish a national human rights institution, address gender-based violence, and to ratify CAT and OPCAT

Universal Periodic Review, 37th session
Human Rights Council
20 January 2021

UPR of Australia
Intervention by Denmark

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Mdm/Mr President,

Denmark welcomes the delegation and commend Australia for acceding to a number of important human rights instruments since its last UPR, in particular OPCAT. 

However, Denmark remains concerned about the low age of criminal responsibility and the conditions of indigenous peoples.

Denmark recommends the Government to significantly raise the minimum age of criminal responsibility.

Denmark also recommends the Government to improve the socioeconomic situation of indigenous peoples by ensuring their meaningful and effective political participation. 

Finally, the involvement of Australian special forces in war crimes in Afghanistan is concerning, but we trust the ongoing process of ensuring accountability.

Denmark wishes Australia a successful review.

I thank you.