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HRC43: Danish statement at the urgent debate on racism

UN Human Rights Council     
Forty-third session
17 June 2020
Urgent Debate on the “current racially inspired human rights violations, systemic racism, police brutality and the violence against peaceful protest”
National Statement

Madam President,
Denmark aligns itself with the statement made by the EU.
Denmark would like to thank the group of African countries for initiating today’s debate. The developments around the world show that it is indeed an important and timely discussion.
Denmark strongly condemns racial discrimination and racially motivated violence. Such acts violate basic human right and must not be tolerated in any parts of the world.
Sadly, the reality is that they do happen. In all parts of the world. The tragic death of George Floyd reminds us of that. Like people in the United States, we were saddened by his death while in police custody. And we express our condolences to the family. We note that the competent authorities have taken steps to investigate the circumstances.
Ensuring full transparency and prosecution of criminal acts is fundamental to ensuring justice in respect for universal human rights.
All governments should act to prevent and denounce state authorities’ excessive use of force. Especially by law enforcement personnel. Law enforcement authorities must be well-trained, professional and act in accordance with international human rights obligations.
We are pleased to note positive public mobilization against racism in the recent weeks in all parts of the world. The freedom to peaceful assembly as well as freedom of expression are fundamental to ensuring inclusive and tolerant societies.
Thank you.